(Compiled by Jamsco. I am not a very inflexible father, but these things I’m pretty unyielding on)


1. I don’t always get to do what God does, you don’t always get to do what Mom or I do.
2. Likewise, you don’t always get to do what your brother/sister does.
3. The only things you kick are balls outside.
4. I believe that you love your doll or stuffed animal, but Daddy only kisses or hugs people.
5. Except for kissing, don’t touch other people’s faces.
6. Unless you are sitting on it or cleaning it, there is never a reason to touch a toilet.
7. Wrestling is Pain. I will try to prevent hospital trip injuries, but do not join in the fray if you’re not willing to handle a skinned elbow or twisted arm.
8. Never ever wake up a sleeping brother or sister unless specifically told to by one of your parents.
9. If you find yourself repeatedly making a loud noise, with your voice or an implement, be aware that it is most likely annoying to someone. Don’t.
10. Do not say anything bad about anybody in our family to someone outside our family.
11. When singing, it is always annoying to everyone else if you intentionally sing faster than everyone else. Don’t.
12. The only thing you should step on is the floor, the ground, or a stool. (i.e. not books, papers, toys, furniture, or your brother)
13. Don’t say anything bad about food that your Mom has made for you. 


Any suggestions for number 14- 20? Or do you think I’m being too rigid on any of these?