1. My Friend


This harmless-sounding phrase has lately become a way for one person to talk down to another. . .


Person A. What? Don’t tell me that you are a Theological Universalist.

Person B. That’s exactly what I’m telling you, my friend.


. . . or for one person to express to another that they both are a step above all who disagree with them – Collusion.


Person A. Wow, you don’t suppose that they still think that Man has landed on the moon.

Person B. It sure looks like it, my friend.



2.  The Repeat.


The hope here is that if a statement is repeated it will give credence to what they are saying.


Person A. Well, it is certain that the Iraqi’s need stability.

Person B. But the question is: What do the Iraqi’s want? What do they want?


3. The Combo.


Sometimes a discussion causes a person to go for the doubly-troubling difecta.


Person A. Boy, I sure can’t understand why anyone would think that way.

Person B. I can’t either, my friend. I can’t either.


It doesn’t matter whether or not I agree with the speaker/writer on the point that they are discussing, if they use either of these, I suddenly find myself assuming that they think too highly of themselves.