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So the Climax of the Movie “Return of the Jedi” is nearing and the Emperor is attempting to get Luke to join his side. A brief light saber battle ensued between Luke and Darth Vader, but Luke comes to his senses, stops fighting and hides from Darth. Refusing to fight, or even turn on his weapon.

Darth is looking for him, looking (interestingly) vulnerable and slightly foolish as he changes him movement when Luke speaks “I will not fight you.” (I may not have this completely correct – I am writing this from memory)

So Darth tries another tack – manipulation through though the force, by figuring out what Luke is feeling. “Your feelings for your friends are strong. Especially for . . . (and here Darth learns something valuable that surprises him) . . . your sister. So . . . you have a twin sister. Obi Wan was wise to hide her from me. . . .  If you will not join the dark side, then perhaps she will.”

And Luke’s Light Sabre turns on and he yells and attacks with unmatched fury.

So my point (besides writing down what might be one of the better scenes in Episode 6) is to ask this question.

Who caused Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber to turn on?

I suppose that most would give the answer “Luke – himself. . Duh.”

And then in the argument, I ask the question, “Of his own free will?” And my debater, or in the case of the argument I was in last Christmas, debaters say. “Yes, of his own free will.”

But there is another person who caused the weapon to come on, in a more real sense. To whom do you think I am referring?

My answer comes tomorrow. It might be obvious, but there we are. (No fair guessing if you have already heard the answer from me.) Also, I give it at least a 50 50 chance that no one will guess, or even get this far in the blog, but there we are.

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