Can you figure out where this takes place?

Nevers Dam Trail

“What is that noise?”
 asked the mother,
  Carrying the one-year-old in the snuggly
  The Father was carrying the 2-year-old on his back
   And three were walking with them
 As they walked down the trail
 On the not-so-warm spring day

It sounded like large loud crickets.

The family continued on the trail walking through a swamp of noise.
They were pleased with the qualities of the path for many reasons
 The trail kept them fifteen feet above the water
  Cold, dark and murky
 The trail was straight and well marked
  The children knew where to walk so that they would not fall down and in.
 The trail was even and not muddy
 And the trail was an easy path to the great
(and in this case Wild)
river, which was their destination
  (Thankfully not the Jordan, though named after a saint)

“Oh,” said the father, finally, “They’re frogs”
They looked down at the many swirling, swimming, singing reptiles.
 They were too small and hidden for the children to see.
 The father resisted the temptation to bring the kids down the steep slope to see them

They kept walking through the noisy swamp
thankful to the Engineer who, many years before, had created this path.

They would soon make their escape from the dangers behind,
 Through the noisy, dirty wetlands,
To the clean, strong waters of the river,
broadening in front of them.

They began to grow in their confidence that they would make it. 


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