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. . . I’m glad we didn’t go with our initial choice for what to name our daughter.

Almost two years ago (June of 2005) we were in Russia in the process of adopting a cute, short-haired, cheerful, three and a half year old girl who had been named Anna by her Mom and then left (for reasons we don’t know) at the Hospital. We liked her name and thought it was pretty, and one that would not be out of place in America. So we decided to keep Anna as her first name.

So then we were trying to figure out what her middle name should be. We thought it might be nice to try to keep her heritage a little more than just her first name. Her Mom’s name was a very Russian looking four syllable name that began with Nikol, so for a while we were considering making her middle name Nicole.  We both like that name.

But that would have made her Anna Nicole.

While we were discussing her name, I thought I had a memory of a less than exemplary semi-famous person with that name. Other Americans adopting with us confirmed this. So we went with Joy for her middle name and, as you might guess, we are glad we did. Because these days I would be cringing daily as I read the newspaper (front page, editorial page, comics) and listened to the radio and watched TV.

But now I am wondering. My thought is that in five years (or three years or a year and a half,) all of this sad turmoil may have been forgotten and we would no longer be experiencing shame for having been foolish enough to name her that. And then we would have been able to retain a little more of her heritage.

But, in any case, Anna Joy is a sweet name, don’t you think? 


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