So God would never cause a person to sin and then hold him responsible for it, would he? That would be really unfair. God’s not like that!

But what about the first chapters of Exodus where multiple times it says that God hardened Pharoah’s heart.

But the answer comes back to me “Well, maybe we shouldn’t call it sin, because God forced him to do it.”

I answer in two ways: Firstly, God clearly punishes him and the whole nation of Egypt as a result of his actions. So it looks like God is holding him responsible.


But secondly, and more clearly, in Exodus 9:

Vs 12 God Harden’s Pharaoh’s Heart – he refuses to let them go.

Vs 23 – God send Hail – to show that there is none like Him

Vs 27 – Pharaoh admits his own ‘sin’

Vs 29 – God says he will stop the hail

Vs 34 – Pharaoh ‘sinned again’: He hardened his heart.


So if he sinned ‘again’ then he was sinning the other times, when it says that God hardened his heart. So hardening his heart was sin. And God caused it.


Clear enough?