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Every region of the country has it’s regional pride. Today is the day for mine: The Day of the Minnesota Blizzard

I imagined a conversation with a Southerner on my way to work.

You’re going to work? It’s a blizzard!
Yep, I am and so is everyone else.
But it’s snowing! Our state shuts down if we get an inch of snow. Go buy some bread!
Why? I have bread at home.
You can only see a tenth of a mile!
I know, isn’t it pretty?
But aren’t you afraid you’ll end up in the ditch?
That only happens to one in three hundred cars. My odds are good.
But then you’d be stuck!
Someone would come along. But it’s not going to happen.
Look, you can see ice on the road, shouldn’t you (and all these other cars) slow down.
I don’t think that’s ice. That’s shiny salt. You see, unlike some cities we have an excellent snow plowing system. Besides, we’re all going at least ten miles under the posted speed limit.  Or at least five.
I can’t believe you’re going to work, when their forecasting another foot today.
We got a foot last week. No big deal. I’ll just allow for an extra few minutes to get home.

And then it’s time to shovel with the kids, and make snow forts. I’m looking forward to it.

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