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This poem I wrote a few years ago as a response to a song whose lyrics (or a part thereof) I read on another blog. I would show these lyrics but they are offensive enough that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the PG rating strived for here at the Responsible Puppet. Suffice it to say that they describe a situation of a young woman who has had a hard time dealing with a breakup of an unhealthy relationship, yet is putting up a bold face, in a fairly crude, angry and explicit way.

Response to the Dark Song

My hope at hearing darkened word,
(Your song sung deep and deeply heard,
And sharing saddened thought and mind),
Is through your song your wrong you’d find.

Expressing thoughts and once expressed,
Repent, you might, like deeds confessed,
And not return and get ye passed,
And one more victory amassed.

But no, I fear your song holds true,
To what is yet availing you,
Instead of shrinking back from sin,
You cling to it and hold it in.

And then you hope to keep the pride,
Of knowledge that is not denied,
The truth: you are no Innocent,
Who has no mark nor tear nor dent.
Since you’ve been hurt, you wish it true,
You won’t be fooled again, not you,
And you, not fooled, won’t share the blame,
And innocents can’t say the same.

But give some thought to what you might,
Become if you don’t climb from night,
And what if next it’s you who dents,
The hearts of pre-fooled innocents?

So break the Circle here today,
Walk straight toward the One True Way, 
And climb the ladder one more wrung,
And let a sweeter song be sung.

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