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(Nothing new here, just wanted to get it out)
So the age old Muslim / Christian conflict was played out in a small way in a Twin Cities Target Store this week. I read about it here.

Put quickly, Muslim Cashier employee at Target refuses to touch bacon, asks customer to ring it through herself. Major griping ensues.

And on the way to work I had a little argument with myself:

Jamsco 1 – Boy, that’s the way those Muslims are, pushy and proud.

Jamsco 2 – So you think all Muslims are like that?

Jamsco 1 – Sure, it’s a clear representation, we’ve seen this before. If you don’t want to touch pork, don’t work at a store that sells it.

Jamsco 2 – What about the Christian pharmacist who didn’t want to sell the Plan B pill (or whatever.) Didn’t you defend them?

Jamsco 1- Well, . . . not fully. Maybe they shouldn’t work as a pharmacist. In any case, don’t make them a representative of all Christianity.

Jamsco 2 – And is it possible that many if not most Islamic Minnesotans don’t want this cashier to be their representative?

This brings to my mind a blind spot that most who are strongly on one side of an issue have about the other side. They think their side is inherently better, and while they give their own side every benefit of the doubt, they give the other side no benefit of the doubt. So:

So you think, as a Republican, that what that Crazy Democrat said is reprehensible and Democrats should be ashamed for thinking that? Be aware that there are crazy republicans who say wrong-minded things and you don’t want to be associated with them.

So you think, as a Protestant (or an Atheist), that Catholics should really clean up their abuse problems? Do you recall that your side has problems like that?

So you think that all those folks on the right lie all the time? Check out the untruths on the left.

So you think those crazy Libertarian bloggers use twisted and faulty logic? Do a quick sweep of the major party bloggers.

So you think that other branch of your religion is too dogmatic? Consider what you sound like when you disagree with them.

In short – there are good reasons that people strongly disagree with you and not all who do are crazy, foolish, decieving, conniving or . . . wrong.

But just to make myself clear however, both Jamscos think that Muslims have (how shall I describe it?) pride issues.

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