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. . . Regarding Movie Literature

My Definition of Literature is two-fold:

1. Durability: Has it been around (or does it look to be around) for a long time?
2. Quality: Is it the kind of thing that a person who considers himself well read should read?

This definition and the fact that my kids are of video watching age makes me wonder if there should be the concept of movie literature. Specifically, family-friendly movie literature.

So I have been wondering which movies meet these three criteria:
A. Is it a movie that all people who are secular movie watchers should see?
B. Is it a movie that has been around for a while, or will be around for awhile? – with the caveat that “a while” has a more short term meaning for movies than for books, since the cinema has been around for a significantly shorter period.
C. Is it a movie that is appropriate for kids younger than 10?  – the age of my kids at present – so whatever you think about Bill Murray – “Stripes” is out.

Here are movies that are on my criteria meeting movie list:
1. Mary Poppins – Perhaps the best Disney movie ever.
2. Star Wars –
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. Return of the Jedi  – I agree with others who say that this is not nearly as good as the first two, but it would be torture for a kid to watch “Empire” and not watch this.
5. The Sound of Music

That’s it. I can only think of five. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
I suppose other Disney movies – but which ones?  I might also go with Narnia, but I’m not sure it has durability.

What do you think?

Update: What was I thinking? Of course “The Princess Bride” needs to be in the list!

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