An admirable trait of the Hyper-Compatibleist theology (and here is the bold and perhaps soon to be proven false statement) is that all of the biblical proof texts of both side of the debate work as proof texts for this one.

(Again I will state that I am not at all entirely sure that Hyper-compatiblism is Biblical. This is partly why I am putting out this challenge, to see how easy it is to prove it wrong)

A little review for those who have just joined us – Hyper-Compatibleist (HC) theology states two things:

(A) Everything that happens in God’s universe is a result of His specific and designed choice And a part of his plan that he created before he created the universe. This (“Everything”) includes a drop of water falling, a human sinning, an earthquake killing thousands and a star going supernova. Also, and importantly it includes each human’s choice to embrace or deny Christ.
(B) Every human act is a result of his (the Human’s) specific and designed choice, for which he is responsible. Again, importantly this includes the person’s choice to embrace or deny Christ.*
The reason that proof texts from both sides work as proof texts for this one is because the proof texts for the Free Willies (I would call them Arminians, but this is what one of them instructed me to call them) are all proofs that Humans make their own decisions even the one to accept Christ (Agreed to by HC) and the proof texts for Calvinists are all proofs that God causes things to happen including human choices and especially the human choice to accept Christ (Agreed to be HC.) With HC-ism no longer is it possible to say that a verse that says that humans are responsible is evidence that God doesn’t control what humans do, or vice versa.

But here is the Challenge – find the anti-HC proof text.

This would come in one of two ways. The less likely would be a verse that suggested that humans are not responsible for their sins, or for things they do. Something that says, “it wasn’t that guy (some biblical figure’s, or group of human’s) fault.”

But more likely would be a passage in the Bible where it is said of God (or God says of himself) that He didn’t do it. Something like where God says, “Don’t blame me for that happening” or “That is not the Lord’s doing.”

Again, I must admit that I don’t know for certain that there isn’t a verse like this in the bible. I read through the bible last year and tried to take note. I have, in fact, found a passage that seems to me to fit the more likely criteria, but I will address that at another time.

But to anyone who doubts this theology, can you think of a verse that counters HCism (Not Humans fault / Not God’s fault) ?

Before you put a verse or ten down – two things:

1. If you are thinking ____ 8:11 and following, read it again. It does not say what you remember it to say. (I would put the name of the book but I have learned a debate rule, to wit: if you think you know how someone is going to counter your argument, avoid the temptation of stating it outright, at least make them come up with it themselves.)

2. Do not put down verses that talk about God’s will. I am on record of believing in two kinds of God’s will – His Permissive Will and His Perfect Will.

* Note that the first part (A) is offensive to Free Willies and the second part (B) . . . well, at the very least the second part causes true Calvinists to furrow their brow.