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I’m going to be doing less (perhaps no) blogging for next few days because of an family Easter trip to beautiful Arkansas (It’s the Natural State!), but I thought I’d leave you with a very short holiday-specific story that I wrote a couple years ago.  And yes it is inspired by Lewis and Beale. I hope you like it.


Ah, Injustice. A worthy goal.

There were higher goals for the human, of course, thought the Demon, the Head Demon in charge of the situation occurring in front of him as he watched. Pure Hatred. Blasphemy. Ignorance of the Love of God.

But surely Injustice was to be praised alongside those others.

An innocent person being punished. The guilty going free. Certainly the Demon’s Lord gloated and jeered when humans pursued these things. For injustice often came with so many other emotions considered Demon praiseworthy – Deceit, Anger in the unjust offenders, and Pain, the faltering of faith, self-pity in the victims.

The Demon-in-charge looked out at the crowd in front of him. They were restless, angry, calling out for action. This was a result of vocal, sharp-tongued men going through the crowd, spreading their lies and anger. Anger towards the Man the Demon-in-charge knew to be quite innocent.  These vocal men were, of course, being prodded and manipulated by the Head Demon’s servants, also spreading through the crowd.

The Demon-in-charge could hear the whispers of both the corporeal and non-corporeal tempters. They were having great effect on the people. It was working. Injustice was being called for.

So why was he feeling this nagging sense that great evil, from his demonic perspective, was happening?

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Readers who have been here a month will recall my highlighting a horrific use of an insanity-creatingly* bad song for a radio advertisement.

It’s happening again.

I remember my brother bringing home a friend’s disco album that had a goofy meritless song entitled ‘Boogie shoes’

Again, for you of the more MPR mindset, here was the poetically simple chorus.

I want to put on my my my my my Boogie shoes,
And boogie with you.

And you’re thinking, Jamsco, with a chorus like that how could you not like the song? I don’t know, who can understand taste?

In any case, my hope would have been that this song, like “Brick House” would be left in the dark ages of the late seventies, not to ever be brought up again, except to serve as a warning for future song writers.

Imagine my dismay, then, as I am have recently been hearing this song being used by, yes, a shoe store commercial.

I want to put on my – Schuller shoes!”

Are these guys using the same marketing house?

Note that they used one fifth of the ‘my’ words. They were probably thinking – keep it simple!

And just like with Wicks House, their creativity ended with the first line; they didn’t continue on with the second – which one can only surmise – would have been “And schuller with you!”

This is understandable, because if they had taken this extra step, listeners would have been asking themselves:
“How does one ‘schuller’ and why does one need special shoes to do it?”

Questions better left unasked, in my opinion.

* If someone wants to nominate ‘insanity-creatingly’ as the worst impromptu adverb they have ever heard, please be my guest.

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