My Post a couple days ago reminded me of a poem I had written after our last visit.

At The Arch

The reader is aware
 I am sure
Of the St. Louis Arch
 Which is actually named the Jefferson Expansion National Monument.

But did you know that your two-year-old can walk up to it and touch it?
This landmark visible on travel advertisements, and quarters and from miles away.
Did you know that all he had to do was walk up the grand steps
 After you park by the mighty river
  At the steeply sloping parking lot that made the Dad nervous
   And glad for good brakes
Make his way up to its base
And lay his hand on it?

Did you know that your family can picnic directly underneath it?
 And still be 50 feet from anyone else?

Sometimes the grandiose is surprisingly reachable.

One of the blessings that God gives us through the creativity of his creatures is this:
Little Fingers can touch Mighty Works