. . . but you can’t fool all of them when they get a little older.

So we were shopping at the local Christian bookstore and my wife had the good idea to buy a birthday gift for our second oldest, Daniel, who was soon to be turning eight. She wanted to get him a bible cover to go with the new bible we were buying – Children’s ESV; I recommend it – and as often happens, we were shopping with all of our kids, including the child in question. So I did what I usually did in situations like that, I went into distraction mode. So when Daniel tried to follow Debbie where she was going, I said something like “Hey, Daniel, come here, there’s something interesting I want to show you.”

He followed me reluctantly and when we got to the destination in the store, he patiently said “Daddy, I know.”

“What?” I said innocently.

“My birthdays coming up. I know,” he repeated.

I tried to feign ignorance and change the subject, but he knew that I knew that he knew. Rats. Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. But it was a major reality check.