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Some times our oft godless media produces something that feels God-inspired.

You know that guy who wrote and directed The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan? His second Bruce Willis movie was “Unbreakable.” It’s a pretty good, but dark supernatural story with a lesser surprise ending and good acting and creative imagery and not a little humor. But one of the subplots deals with the state of the marriage of the main couple.

At the beginning of the movie, they are very close to divorce. Indeed the first scene after the prologue Bruce tries to start a relationship with another woman (hiding his wedding ring) and we soon learn that he is trying to find a job in another city so they can separate. But for different reasons, they (half heartedly at first) begin to make attempts to rebuild their marriage. At one point they try a date. And later they are holding hands. It’s never stated but by the end of the movie an optimistic person would guess that they are going to make it and it is a result of brute-force trying to make it work.

This movie is a gift to the institution of marriage. My thought is that it is likely that it has saved more than one marriage. 

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