Have I mentioned that all of these places described herein are real and come recommended by me?

Split Rock Beach

The trail in the forest brings the family out
To the rock beach
And immediately the kids
Facing the smaller bay
Rush to the shore

They thirst for a connection to the great lake
And they find it
They can throw rocks in it
So they do. They are satisfied
For the time being
But the Father is not; He is looking out to the island
The small two acre island that is about a minute’s walk away
If one could walk on water
He wants a connection to that. He finds none.
He looks around
To see eight to ten other people near them
Finding their own connection
He wonders
How many people have this week stood on this rock beach?
One hundred?  Two hundred?
And how many people have been out to the island this year?
Five? Ten?
The father wants a connection to the island.

He looks around and notes
with a little dismay
that his kids are no longer around.

They are off to his right
now climbing up a steep rocky slope.
He leaves his wife
Who is herself nursing their youngest
And chases after them
Boys! Be careful!
Maybe you should come down!
But they are lost in their new attempts at connection
He climbs up after them
They might fall
but he sees that they probably will not

As they reach the top of the cliff, the second oldest calls out
Look! The Lighthouse!
And sure enough
Across the water, past the island and above the trees
There stands the yellow national monument.

They look at it for a few minutes and
At the father’s suggestion
Take the path back to Mom.

If it is creatively made,
Perhaps a connection that only 200 people make with the big water weekly is good enough.