. . . which are Free, Healthy, are Never Sinful*, and Doable by Everyone**:

1. Taking a deep breath.
2. Drinking a cold cup of water (endorsed by Jesus!)
3. Laying down on a couch or a bed after a long day
4. Listening to the rain from a dry area.
5. Taking a shower or a bath after hard work.
6. Taking a walk through the woods.
7. Laying on your back on soft grass and looking at the stars.
8. Praying to the God who created the stars and who created these pleasures for you.

Did I miss any?

* and by ‘never’, (because all sin is inherently of the mind and therefore no physical act is ever inherently sinful or inherently pure) I mean ‘almost never’

** of course, there are exceptions here, as well. People in comas, for example.