I found this poem in one of my old college notebooks. It’s date was at the top and would put it during my freshman year at Bethel. I remember the situation that inspired this poem, but I don’t remember writing it. Also: I have no idea to what the first line is referring.


“Like Iron Maiden Playing Raquetball”
I end up in the oddest places.

How about when I find myself in a mob of screaming people
 Yelling at apparently nothing,
  For no apparent reason,
Until I wind up screaming also.

But there are querks of peace in this place.
 An innocent girl rushing to show her friend
  the ring that she was just given
 Or listening to classical music on the way home, or
Knowing that while all of this noise is going on
There is one person
 sitting quietly on the other side.
Maybe she is thinking about me.
But no,
Not in this noise.