Friends of ours just gave birth to their first baby and it got me remembering what it was like to bring a baby home from the hospital for the first time. So I asked my wife (who has birthed five kids) what advice she would give new parents. Here is the list we came up with –

10 Tips for Parents Bringing a Baby Home from the Hospital:


1. Remember: It will get better. Try not to despair the first day back from the hospital.

2. Bathing Baby daily (or even weekly) is overrated.

3. Pray.

4. Remember: They will eventually sleep through the night.
5. Get your baby feeding on a schedule as soon as possible.

6. Despite a list like this, remember that there are very few universal rules. All kids and family situations are different.

7. Enjoy these moments.

8. Crying doesn’t hurt the child and actually is good exercise. It is not your job to keep them from crying. Fight the urge, at least some of the time. 

9. Your primary job as a parent is to glorify God.

10. There are two truths: (1) Good parenting is vitally important for a child, and (2) No mistake you make in this first week as a parent will permanently psychologically damage a child.


And a Bonus to the Dads: Change all diapers for the first few days.


Any suggestions?