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1. Think about the words you’re singing

2. After: Talk about things you liked about the service.

3. Join a small group

4. Make sure you are going to a church with biblical teaching

5. Before: Pray that God will show himself to you.

6. Consider that the God you are singing about deserves all the glory

7. Look around – all of those people have been forgiven of all their sins or can be if they just ask.

8. Remember that when you belong to the Church you are a part of a “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of God’s own possession”

9. Take notes on the sermon

10. Go to Sunday School

11. Before: Find out what songs you’re going to be singing and look at the words.

12. Invite church people over for dinner

13. After: Ask your kids what they learned

14. Volunteer in the nursery once, or twice . . . or three times.

15. Complain about your church less

16. Find a way to use your gifts as a service to God

17. Sing loud.

18. Before: Pray that God will be glorified.

19. Give a tithe or more.

20. Remember that all of the epistles were written to churches or leaders in churches

21. Be a part of the children’s ministry

22. After: Think about how you should change your life based on the sermon or the scripture that was read.

23. Cast your burdens on the Lord

24. Remember – Your God is sovereign.

25. Remember that even if you have nothing else in common with they guy next to you, if you are both Christians, you have the most important thing in common with him – You are both children of God.

26. Mention a prayer request.

27. Bring a meal to new parents or to a family with a member in cancer treatment.

28. Greet a stranger.

29. Remember that Paul commands us to rejoice in the Lord always. Twice.



Any suggestions?


Update: There are some good bonus suggestions from other people in the comments. Check them out and add some more if you think we are leaving out any.

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