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I don’t strictly adhere to following Sabbath. I do some work. I cause others to work. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty.


I’m wondering how my observance of Sabbath compares to others. Here is how I currently follow it:


On Sunday I don’t do any work that I don’t have to do everyday. That is, I make meals, I clean up from meals, I make the bed, clean the house (Let me just make it clear that I can’t take credit for doing even half the household work for each job listed here, I’m just saying I’m willing to do these thing.)


I don’t do any lawn work, or home improvement stuff or work for my employer. This, for me, is delving too deep into breaking Sabbath. But I can’t exactly say why (biblically) I draw the line here.


I go to church.


I try to relax and experience fun with my wife and kids.

 But what makes me feel guilty is the using of others who are more distinctly breaking Sabbath. Sometime we go out to eat. Sometimes (more rarely) we do a little shopping. 

I have heard people explain away Mowing on the Sabbath by saying that they say they just really enjoy Mowing. My problem with this is two-fold:


(1) You do not enjoy mowing! You’re just using this as an excuse. If you like it so much, do it on a Friday night.

(2) More than once I have just been sitting back in a lawn chair in our back yard on a Sunday afternoon and someone decides to ruin the peaceful neighborhood with his Toro. If you’re going to break Sabbath, do it quietly.


Any opinions?

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