(Another College Poem – this one was originally titled “Love Square” and while I like this as a name for a poem, I don’t think it works for this one.)


Four Around a Table 

We speak,

We spoke no lies,

But the truth was not said

We spoke, if looks could kill

We would be dead,

Except one

She is sweet,

She is the rope,

How do I send a rope to a rope?

My Foe, on the other side

Was not my foe before.

She was put there by all of us (I did not wish it)

The eyes watch, our friend observes,

And laughs

My foe observes the eyes

and smiles and cries

If it were up to my foe (if looks could kill)

I and the eyes would be gone

If it were up to me

            My foe would be gone

If it were up to the rope

            She would not be pulled between two

            But besides that, I do not know

The eyes glint with the recognition of a situation with a non zero amount of humor.

He sees clearly.