After a pretty big Sunday breakfast and a big Sunday dinner, we sometimes don’t feel like a big Sunday supper. Too much effort (for a Sabbath) and we don’t need a big meal. So sometimes we just make popcorn and ‘serve’ it with fruit.


This puts the kids (and I must admit, me) in the mood for a movie. So last night, the kids saw us making popcorn and asked “Are we watching a movie?” So I acquiesced.


We didn’t feel like renting, we don’t own that many movies and . . . . Hasn’t it been awhile since we watched Star Wars?


So Star Wars (Episode 4) it is. The kids pronounce it Starwers. Only the older three have seen it. Now I know some of you are thinking – you let your four year old watch Star Wars? I know, I know. . . .


Our kids were immediately into it and watching with rapt attention.


I’ve mentioned before my appreciation of the scene with all of the evil generals sitting around the big round table on the Death Star. Before this scene we have only seen Darth Vader as the Ruthless Powerful Evil Bad Guy. But this scene puts him against the weasely, upper-lip wrinking, over confident Super Weapon constructor, who begins to (unwisely, if you ask me) taunt him and totally dis* the force. With Darth Vader standing only 10 feet away! What?


So Darth gently turns and begins to walk towards him. And then the Death Star Builder’s neck begins to convulse and eventually he collapses onto the table after Vader releases him. And you find yourself thinking: Well, at least Darth Vader knows how to handle insolence from a force-hater. You have to give him that. This is the beginning of seeing good and likability in him. Like I’ve said, this is the best way to write a bad guy.


So, like I say, I’m watching this scene with my kids and my five year old (youngest) daughter Adelyn is sitting in my lap, possibly because the cantina scene has made her a little nervous. And after watching Darth Vader release the annoying man from the death grip, Adelyn – sweet, innocent, frilly dress loving Adelyn – says “He has coo powers!”


Translation: He has cool powers!


Tears came to my eyes.


* I should note that this is the first time I have ever written or otherwise uttered the word ‘dis.’ How’d it go?