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I made this suggestion in a comment of another blog, and was asked about it, so I thought I’d expand on my answer here:

You can glean information about the Honeymoon planner’s feelings about his forthcoming marraige by looking at the results of his planning.  Said another way – if it’s the guy who plans the Honeymoon (as it should be? With some input from his fiance?) you can tell a little bit about his attitude about being married by what he chooses for his honeymoon.

Thus the guy who really wants to impress others with his marraige goes all out on the honeymoon. The guy who isn’t going to put much effort into his marraige, won’t put too much into the honeymoon. A Long Weekend’s good enough!*

Personally, I am the guy who is always trying to keep our family busy (some say too busy), and this showed in my plans for our honeymoon. Not enough down time. I regret that part, but it was still great fun.

But it can be an interesting question that I pose to all married readers: As you look back – in what way did your honeymoon predict what your marraige has been like?

*I should note that some couples get a free pass from this evaluation: Like the couple I just met who had their marraige postponed three months because she was in a serious car accident three weeks before the big date. The best next available time was Labor day and they were in college. So a long weekend it was. 

But ‘I had to work’ doesn’t cut it.

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