You used to see this plaque “That was when I carried you” often, and then there was “That was when we danced” next version of the story, oft passed around on the internet.


I have two small problems with both of these:


1. The super high cheese factor

2. The fact that they are often found in homes (or sent from people) where the plaque (or the email) is the most spiritual aspect of their lives.


But my biggest cause for dislike for both of these little stories is the ignorance on the part of the human. If Christ was carrying him, or if he was dancing with Jesus, shouldn’t he know it? For me the human‘s lack of knowledge about his relationship with Jesus makes the carrying and the dancing seem less real, less significant.


I would appreciate both of these stories more if they were written from the perspective of another human asking the first one what the footprints meant, and the first human correctly explaining, with humility and joy, how they had been formed that way.