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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Tom Hanks (Part 2)

I’ve got to get to a library… Fast! ··· The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on. ··· There’s no greater gift than friendship. ··· Madam, we must have waffles! We must all have waffles forthwith! We must all think, and we must all have waffles, and think each and every one of us to the very best of his ability ··· When I die and I stand before God awaiting judgment and he asks me why I let one of HIS miracles die, what am I gonna say, that it was my job? ··· I think it’s time you learned the true meaning of playtime ··· You, madam, are addressing a man, who is in fact quiet… and yet, not quiet ··· I scarcely contain my glee. ··· 87 hours is an eternity. The cosmos was created in less time. ··· Oh, indeed, indeed. The thirst for knowledge is a very commendable thing. Though I do believe that when you hear the explanation you shall laugh riotously, slappin’ your knee and perhaps even wipin’ away a giddy tear, relieved of your former concern. ··· A big man is ripping your ears off Percy. I’d do as he says. ··· Surely a chocolate assortment has been known to melt the heart of even the hardest misanthrope. ··· Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.  ··· Sometimes it’s easier livin’ the lie. ··· I can’t stop, it’s my job. ··· Always trust a bank manager. ··· Aha. Look what I’ve created. I have made FIRE. ··· Well, considering that we have lost communication with the engineer, are completely exposed in front of the locomotive, and the train seems to be accelerating uncontrollably, not to mention that we are headed to Glacier Gulch, which just happens to be the steepest downhill grade in the world, I suggest we all hold on… tightly! ··· Gotta love crab. In the nick of time, too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts. Coconut milk is a natural laxative. That’s something Gilligan never told us. ··· First thing it’s two minutes, then four, then six, then the next thing you know, we’re the U.S. mail. ··· And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? ··· But you don’t want to be bamboozled. You don’t want to be led down the primrose path. You don’t want to be conned or duped. Hoodwinked. You don’t want the wool pulled over you eyes. Railroaded. Seeing is believing. Am I right? ··· Men under strain can snap. Hurt themselves. Hurt others. That’s why our job is talking, not yelling. ··· I was a yo-yo! ··· We live and we die by time. And we must not commit the sin of losing our track on time. ··· Batteries need to be replaced. Toys in the bottom of the chest need to be rotated. Oh, and make sure everyone attends Mr. Spell’s seminar on what to do if part of you is swallowed.

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