And, no, I’m not referring to missing a day yesterday, posting-wise, which was itself a gravely derelict action on my part.

No, I should have mentioned this, from Vox Day,  a while ago.

In any event, the Biblical metric for judgment is the fruit of one’s actions, not the human authority’s approval of one’s dogma. The most telling aspect of the debate between Greg Boyd and one of his foremost critics was the appallingly bad behavior of that critic, for which he subsequently apologized. Greg’s not perfect, I vehemently disagree with him on a few issues on which I believe he is using his heart rather than his head. But Open Theory is not one of them, and with very few exceptions, I’ve found the contrary case to not only be unconvincing, but downright embarrassing. 

Hint: if your argument involves making obviously inaccurate assertions and appeals to human authority, it isn’t going to cut it. The Responsible Puppet – whose very name betrays his position on OT – knows that, which is why we will be getting into this issue next month, once I’m done with TIA.

A few comments:

1.  I thanks him for the sideways compliment.

2. I have yet to see the evidence that Greg Boyd’s Foremost Opponents (or “one of them”, at least) has behaved appallingly. I am doubtful that any exists, unless you think that stating that someone who has a significantly wrong view of the Nature of God should not be a teacher is appalling, which I don’t. 

3. We’ll be doing this in August? What, Already? Okay, Okay, he’s writing a book, I know.

4. I look forward to the challenge, next month. I also have some amount of trepidation about it. As we all know, Vox is formidible.