. . . that makes the Jamsco Family unique.

We go on picnics. Warning: I’m going to brag a little here. 

We started keeping track of how many picnics we went on six years ago when we had three kids and our oldest was 3. That year (2001) we went on 28 picnics, each in a different spot – mostly parks near where we live, but the first one that year was at the George Washington Carver National Monument near Joplin Missouri. I recommend it. 

Each year since then we have increased the number of picnics we have taken and last year we went on 77 different picnics. So far (since the beginning of 2001) we have been on 328 picnics in 178 different locations.  This year we are on track to beat last year’s record. Tonight we are, God willing, going on our 38th.

 We’ve picnicked at 23 State parks and 6 National parks. We picnicked near 16 different rivers (including 20 spots on the Mississippi) and 71 lakes (including 20 spots on Lake Superior.) 

And would you like to hear some of the things we’ve learned about how to go on a fun picnic? 

Next week! 

You often hear parents of grown kids give younger families advice: Enjoy them! They grow up so fast. I don’t really know where the years went! 

This kind of advice is one of the reasons we do this. Let the record show that Jamsco spent quality and quantity time with his kids.