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Everything I ever needed to know I learned from Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson (Part 2 of 2)

It only takes one counter example to disprove the theorem. *** Little kids don’t bother to say hello, they just start talking to you. *** This is how it’s done. You pile one thing on top of the next and you keep it up and keep it up – sometimes the galleon sinks in a typhoon, you don’t get your slab of granite that year – but you stick with it and eventually you end up with something sooo big. *** Better late than never! *** You have sins to atone for and you can’t atone for them by getting down on your knees and saying Hail Marys  *** Here we could talk about the Plato’s Cave thing for awhile – the Veg-o-matic of metaphors – it slices! It Dices! *** It’s a truism that you can’t understand a person without knowing something about her family background. *** Middle class prosperity is lapidary. The flow of cash rounds and smooths a person like water does river bed stones. The goal of all such persons is to make themselves cuddly and nonthreatening. *** There are many reasons why different governments might want to control the flow of information. *** Gold is the corpse of value. *** This is Jesus Christ who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus has taken away my sins.  *** The world is bleeding. It needs medicine and bandages. These cost money. *** Wealth that is stored up in gold is dead. It rots and stinks. True wealth is made every day by men getting up out of bed and going to work. By school children doing their lessons, improving their minds. *** The church has two thousand years of experience in using its resources to help the poor. It has not always been perfect. But it has built its share of hospitals and schools. *** Overestimating the intelligence of the enemy is, if anything, more dangerous than underestimating it. *** For something disgusting and lethal, cigarettes are amazingly enjoyable. *** It makes the most sense to think of the jungle as a living tissue of ants with minor infestations of trees, birds and humans. *** This is how all the best ideas arrive. Ideas that he patiently cultivates from tiny seeds always fail to germinate or else grow up into monstrosities. Good ideas are just there all of a sudden, like angels in the Bible. *** The ability to kill someone is basically a mental stance, and not a question of physical means. A serial killer armed with a couple of feet of clothesline is far more dangerous than a cheerleader with a bazooka. *** That’s the problem in a nutshell. The bad guys have the means. *** Gentlemen do not read one another’s mail. *** Sometimes, if you want to live and breathe tomorrow, you have to dive into the black depths today, and that is a leap of faith.

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