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Saturday (the twenty eighth) was the half year anniversary of me starting this blog. It has been a challenging and enjoyable exercise.

A few comments and a request:

1. Blogging has been cathartic for the primary reason that these ideas, suggestions and opinions stop bouncing around my head when I type them out and post them.

2. Can I just say that here is something that really, really bugs me: I get things all formatted on the screen and it looks nice and just as I want. That is, up until I press the publish button, and then, consistently but in a random manner, it changes on the screen as I am watching it being saved, so that things are quite a bit different as they are posted for people to see.

Great! So I quickly have to go change them and look at the html and re-center or bold or add paragraphs or take them out. Nearly every time. But I’m not bitter!

3. Here’s where I think this blog has the most room for improvement – I haven’t been able to motivate people to comment.

This hasn’t, I think, been for lack of readers. Looking at the statistics, I am guessing that about twenty of you read this every day (Yes, of course this is a big guess, made more wild by the fact that they recently took down the feed read counter over there at WordPress.) (And yes, this is very small compared to some) But only a few of you comment. So . . .

My (unusual, non-kosher, perhaps eye-roll causing) request: Would you consider commenting today? I’ll give you two subjects to choose from.

1. What was your high school sports team names and how did it do in football when you were there*? Make one up if you want to keep this secret.

2. (Looking for a short answer only) Where are you in the Armenian-Calvinist debate. Please feel free to say – “I don’t care”

Or choose a topic (what do you like/dislike about the Responsible Puppet, for example) And Use a pseudonym or even a pseudo-pseudonym if you want.  What do you say?

*Here’s my answer: Knights and we were pretty good.

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