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A few comments regarding Yesterday’s Twin Cities Bridge Collapse:

1. While I don’t drive on this bridge everyday (like many do, and I used to) I drove over this bridge on Sunday, and Friday our family looked at this bridge from the geocache picnic I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.
2. Newscasters be aware:  Even if person has been an actual witness to the big event, he may still be someone you don’t want to put on camera. It is ridiculous that a bridge that has a hundred thousand customers a day would just fall into the river. And the average person, talking without preparation, finds it very difficult to talk meaningfully about the ridiculous.
3. God can still be glorified when very tragic things like this happen. That, among many other important requests, should be a part of every Christian’s prayer
4. People who witness a tragedy jump at the chance to help those they can. This is a good thing.
5. I wish I could have been there to help.
6. This happened about a half mile from the main campus of my church. Just a hop over the fence and you could walk there on the deserted interstate in under five minutes. Here is my pastor’s response.
7. From the way my cat responded as I was watching TV (aggressively trying to get me to pet her) you would almost think that she didn’t care that an eight lane interstate major-artery-of-the-twin-cities has collapsed.
8. Don’t trust death counts.  3 . . 1 . . . 4,5,6,7 . . .4 . . .
9. They are saying that this isn’t terrorism. This makes sense to me, a complete non-expert. Wouldn’t there have been an audible explosion if it was a bomb or something? Still, the excitable, twitchy part of me would have been hesitant if I were in, say St. Louis, to cross the Main River Crossing bridge there this morning.

Jamsco, reporting to you live, 20 miles from the scene, for the Responsible Puppet.  Ralph? Kirsten?

Ralph: Jamsco, this is Ralph, can you hear me okay?

Jamsco: Yes, you’re coming in fine.

Ralph: We’ve have viewers phoning in wondering why you, who have not actually seen the sight of the crash, nor spoken to any who have, feel the need to share insights that could be gleaned from any news outlet world wide.

Jamsco: Yes. I was concerned about this as well, so I spoke to local U of M –Vadnais Journalism Professor Dr.  Berrance Nournalism and asked him about it. He reminded me that I am not, in fact, a journalist. Rather, he pointed out, I am a blogger. And that’s what bloggers do.

Back to you!

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