Another College Poem. And another poem that doesn’t really apply to me today. I don’t run into people like this very much any more.

 The Testers 

The 2, 3 or 4 decorated, go

To corrupt, to pervert simple things we know

And they say if we stay we will understand

And accept unless we are but simple men.


If you laugh or ignore then you are not wise

And you must think again, open up your eyes

And though you didn’t know you were in a test,

And you failed, try again, they were unimpressed


Our Christ Said:


            ‘Do not judge, lest you be judged’


This is true, more than once,

Perhaps more than once more than the Savior meant.


And besides being judged by our Father above,

If we judge, we are judged by these men without love.


So watch out and attempt to score well on the test.

If you don’t, if you laugh, they’ll inform all the rest.