. . . By The Numbers

Picnics Taken: 6
Geocaches found: 9
Number of children (out of 6) who climbed up Cascade Creek from the Lake to the Superior Hiking trail (vertical difference of 240 feet) : 6
Moms who did same: 0 (she was in the hot tub)
Number of bridges crawled under on this hike: 6
Bee stings: 1 (on Dad – I’ll live)
Skinned Knees: 4
Horses Trained by Uncle Joe as we watched: 2
Spots on the Lake where kids threw rocks into the lake: 7
Number of kids who learned how to skip rocks: 4
Television watched: 5 minutes (attempting to wake up napping kids)
Dollar Total Lost because Jamsco noticed an omission on the Resort Bill and decided to point it out: 55
Moose Spotted at “Moose Viewing Deck” on the Gunflint Trail: 0
Mice Spotted in Cabin: At least 1
Total Miles Hiked: 9.8 on many hikes
Miles along Cascade State park Lakeshore traversed: 0.7
Time Returned Home last night:  10:31 (too late)