Written yesterday – Guess where we went Thursday? 

 State Fair Dining Advice

So you step out of the Food building
 To the south
 With what you have chosen for your lunch or supper
  A difficult choice sometimes 
  We recommend
   For Large Families
Getting a whole pizza and a big basket of french fries
 Your kids feet are a little tired from walking
  Having seen the largest pig
and the found-garbage sculpture of a frog
  and having chosen their favorite piece of art
   Our eldest daughter chose the one with the cat
  Having climbed the 64 foot tall DNR viewing tower
  And having grinned and screamed on the ladybug ride
And you see
 Even though it a weekday
A patio filled with people
  (It is not huge)
 Sitting at tables,
 Sitting on the landscape rock walls
 Sitting on the curb
 And some just sitting on the patio

But do not despair

 You have other options
  Though it will take a short hike
   200 feet, maybe?
Walk east,
Cross a road and continue 
 through the crowd at the Leinenkougal (sp?) stage
  you may get a free beer sample opportunity
   (I passed)
And cross another road

And there
 Tucked between the
 Quiet, Unassuming
Administration building and the Building labeled “Admin 2”
 Look for the Snoopy on his dog house statue in the middle

Find deep green grass in shade
 Or you can sit at one of the two picnic tables if you‘d rather
And sit in a circle
 With your pizza in the middle
And eat in peace.

If you choose, watch the amateur talent contest
 Cheer for the nine year girl who plays violin amazingly well
Let your kids run around
 They haven’t been able to run much today
Or lie back in the grass
 The only deep green grass at the entire state fair
And rest

Then up you go, again
 The Sky ride is waiting,
 And what about the model trains in the center of the agriculture building?

No, you may require a short respite, but

The fair is not made for sitting around.