. . . for a total of 116!

 1. I am not just a list guy as a blogger, I’m a list guy with my life. Every week I print out two complex, multi-column lists: one for work and one for home.
2. But I am not so fond of schedules.
3. This bugs my wife.
4. We just finished watching “Stranger Than Fiction” – it has a unique plot and has some interesting things to say . . . or at least ask.
5. Just finished reading “Children of Hurin” by Tolkien
6. It is a dark and tragic story.
7. This week I heard my daughters singing the song that our eldest made up.
8. I jog two miles two times a week.
9. Even though I have been trying to increase my speed, I am not very fast. Today’s time for the two miles: 17:25.
10. Before May of this year, I had never done more than (I’m guessing) 10 push ups in one sitting.
11. On Memorial Day of this year, I did four pushups and every day after that for 41 days I increased by one. Since then I have done 45 pushups everyday.
12. I was inspired to do this by a guy in my small group who does 90 pushups every day.
13. Since I got married, my weight has never been more than more than 10 pounds over my wedding weight (206 lbs).
14. Today my weight was 209.6.
15. I disagree with the idea that Television is low quality; there are excellent shows on every night.
16. Nevertheless, I think there are better uses of your time.
17. I have never tasted beer. I say this with some pride and some shame.
18. I have never smoked
19. I have never gambled with real money.
20. But I have won money with state lottery scratch games twice. (I found them on the ground, unscratched).
21. I put the period after the close parenthesis in the last sentence purposefully. The mathematician in me thinks it is a more accurate way of punctuating it.
22. One of my superpowers is to be able to name a pop song heard on the radio very quickly.
23. I promise to never use this superpower for evil purposes.
24. I am right handed, except for shaving. I don’t know why.
25. I think “The Fugitive” is a pretty good movie.
26. I think you can tell a great deal about a person from looking at their music collection and their bookshelf.
27. I generally look at these two items in every house I’m in, where available.
28. At work, I’m a database guy.
29. Despite my work in information technology, we don’t own a cell phone,
30. . . . Our means to the web at home is a regular phone line,
31. . . . I have never listened to an iPod,
32. . . . I have never sent a text message, and
33. . . . I don’t really know what a blackberry is.
34. I like my work and try not to take the fact that I have a good, fairly well-paying and enjoyable career for granted.
35. I don’t really like coffee and I don’t think I’ve had more than 5 cups in my life.
36. Neither my wife nor I like watermelon.
37. That last sentence originally had the word ‘or’ in it, but Word suggested ‘nor’ so I’m going for it.
38. My method of determining the quality of music is selfish and subjective: If it makes me want to sing along with it, it is good. If it makes me want to turn it way up in the car and sing along with it at the top of my lungs, it is great.
39. I think that one of the coolest album covers is Styx’s ‘Paradise Theatre’
40. I started this list about a month ago.
41. I don’t Glorify God enough.
42. It is not a big enough goal of mine to Glorify God.
43. Nevertheless, it is my continuing prayer (almost daily) that people will think good things about God because of things our family does.