. . . made by people which enabled them to find the Responsible Puppet:

* Return of the Jedi sermon

* Curiously Inconsistent Pirates * Puppets sermons for Labor day

* Steal gas from dispenser (I am not proud that this one found my blog)

* Bible: Saying what nobody dares to say

* I want to see the old PetsMart commercial

* How to build fishing electroshock equipment

* If I could climb a ladder up to heaven

* Likeness between Friday everythung chang
* Likeness between Friday everything chang
(Yes, both found its way here)

* You ask me why I chose the glass of wine

* Recycled material robots for kids

* Meat Bazookas Hams

* Salty looking spots appearing on my bric
(Hmmmm. . . . I hope that word is ‘Bricks’)