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This is one of my favorite days of the year – not for it’s goodness (All though we generally celebrate All Saints Day – and we recommend it – it’s good to focus on those guys as well as what God did through them) but for it’s lack of badness, generally speaking.

I have to agree with Vox, I have no love for a holiday that celebrates fear. Fun can be had in other ways. I never have had any interest in watching horror movies or going to haunted houses, but while you can avoid these, avoiding other media is more challenging. To wit – the Newspaper:

From the Home and Garden Section “Here’s how you can make your living room look grotesque!”
From the taste section “Want to make grapes look and feel like eye-balls?”
From the metro section “Today we introduce to a couple that has devoted their marriage to searching for signs of paranormal activity. Last night they heard what sounded like a chain rattling!”
From the local section: “Check out page 9 for a listing of which houses in your neighborhood glorify human dismemberment”

Please note: I made all of these up.

And then there are the full page adds for everything that might be scary.

No thanks.

Yeah, I know, so don’t read the paper. I’M CONSIDERING IT!

And it just increases and increases until October 31st, and then the next day – All gone! (well, except for clearance – I can deal with that.)  Hooray!

We have never celebrated Halloween with our kids. I must say that this is partially because finding 6 costumes would be partially true, and partially because we don’t want our kids to bring home (as I used to) 20 pounds of processed sugar masses. But my kids already get frightened by enough real world stuff, we don’t need to add fake stuff.

I should say that there is another reason why I like November first. It’s the first day of the extended Christmas season. Now it has been correctly stated (ad nauseum) that Christmas is overdone and doesn’t focus on Christ as it is. And it doesn’t really start up until after Thanksgiving.

Nevertheless, I love seeing the red and green. Christmas at it’s worst is better than Halloween at it’s best. So bring out the holly. And take down all that orange stuff.

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