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As you know, we home school. We do this because we are able to, and we think it good for our kids and because we know there are dangers in the public schools.

So tomorrow our school district (or the school district that our kids would be in if they went to school) is having a referendum vote.

I’m just going to put it out there for you. We will be voting ‘Yes’ – for these reasons:

1. Teachers are generally good people and they aren’t paid enough.

2. It is the government’s job to pay for schooling K-12. And our nation is better because it does.

3. There are poor or uneducated people who can’t home-school.

4. Our school systems need to be improved, and not funding them is not going to help.

I must admit, I have one regret about this and it has to do with Home-schooling families that are having difficulty making ends meet. If the referendum passes, I will have helped to make things more difficult for them. My response is, (1) families like this are rare, and (2) they are generally prepared for the challenge.

I have made a goal to always vote ‘Yes’ for these things. Perhaps one day, some school district will say “We want guaranteed free vacations to Disney World for all students! Vote Yes!” But until they are asking for something similarly ridiculous, I’ll be there, willing to have my taxes increased.

* No, not for the Primary Reason I was placed there. BUT I’M NOT BITTER!

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