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Steve over at “Careful Thought” tagged me again.*

What were you doing 10-20-30 years ago?

Ten years ago today . . .

I was living in beautiful New Brighton, Minnesota 4 months after one of the biggest transitions of my life. In June of that year, I had gotten my Masters Degree (computer science), started the database job that I currently have, my wife (having just gotten pregnant with our first) had quit her job as a church’s children’s directory. We had just moved into our first home and we had changed churches. The house was a fixer upper and we were fixing up.

Twenty years ago . ..

Let’s see: November 87. I was a sophomore at Bethel College (elementary education major), enjoying choir and wishing (like an impatient goof) that I had a girlfriend, as can be seen in more than a few of my poems of that time (and, perhaps foolishly, in the poetry section on this blog.)  I had just met the girl that I God had determined that I would marry seven years later, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Thirty years ago . . .

I was in fourth grade in beautiful New Brighton, Minnesota. My favorite subject was math. Around this time we found out that my Dad was sick with Leukemia – he died a year and a half later. A sad time, but one in which I learned to appreciate the ability of a healthy church to love and support a hurting family.

And I know that this wasn’t part of the deal, but

Forty years ago . . .

I was preparing to be born in a month and a half.

I’ll tag Bob. Even though I’m pretty sure he isn’t thirty yet.

 * I note, however, that he did not tag me with the Thinking Blogger award. Hmmm.

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