Vox puts in a quick jab.

I would have thought that he knew me well enough by now to know that it is always a mistake to confuse any slowness in showing my cards with a poor or nonexistent hand.

Hey, Mr. Reading Comprehension! I showed no such confusion. Indeed I mentioned that I was aware “that other bible passages would be brought up to challenge” compatiblism.

And he says regarding my biblical interpretation:
The point is that that the quoted verses only state what God CAN do with regards to these subjects, not what He IS ALWAYS DOING. In other words, they are a statement about CAPACITY and not about ACTION.

I guess I’ll ask for a point of clarification. Do you actually believe that God CAN do this? Do you believe he DOES do this? If so, how? (Yes, I know, you don’t know exactly – take a stab at it!) How do you picture God acting in the way this Bible passage says.
Oh, and

Hey, Mr. Biblical Awareness (AKA Nate)!

I don’t generally comment on Vox’s comments section, but –
Re: “Consider Jesus’s healings. If God was controlling everything… then one must conclude that God made those people sick. So then Jesus’ healings were refuting the Will of God. Or God made them ill specificly to give Jesus the opportunity to heal them. I’m hoping no one seriously holds this view but if so… well… I’ll point and laugh.”

Have you ever read John 9?