There is a strange similarity between omniderigistes and the New Atheists. Both groups take a small number of specific Bible verses, assign one reasonable interpretation to them, and then argue that it is the only possible interpretation in defiance of numerous equally possible alternatives that are better supported by historical facts, logic and other Bible verses.
– Vox Day 11/22/2007

In fact, this is also a very good example of the very omniderigiste/atheist error that I mentioned in my first post on the matter:

1. Take a Bible verse
2. Assign a possible meaning to it.
3. Insist this is the ONLY possible meaning, even when the meaning doesn’t make sense. (In this case, the problem is apparent a priori, but usually it is only evident when considered in context with other, contradictory verses.)
4. Ignore all other plausible interpretations, especially more logical and Biblically supported ones.

– Vox Day 11/26/2007

Omniderigent logic is atheist logic.
– Vox Day 11/27/2007 (Comments)

After wading through a lot of atheist logic, I’ve come to realize the inherent connections between omniderigence and atheist thinking.
– Vox Day 11/27/2007 (Comments)

Vox – Your readers and I are clear that this is what you think. We get it. At least I do, and despite what you say, your readers have pretty good reading comprehension, even the ones who disagree with you. So in case you were thinking about using it as part of your response to my next post, a word to the wise: Maybe four times in a week is enough.

This is not to say that you have given any evidence to support this claim. Regarding Free Will – show me where I have denied that humans have it.

And regarding the series of four steps listed above. Vox, are you aware that this is what anyone thinks about anyone else who uses the Bible to disagree with them? Don’t you find it coincidental that you think this of the two groups you have primarily spent your time debating religious matters with?