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Six Comments About Shoveling: 

         A former pastor said in a sermon once that cleaning a home with kids is like shoveling during a blizzard. I did both this weekend. 

         Of course the final snow depth is half of what they said it would be. That’s part of the deal. 

         My older three boys (7,8,9) have gotten to the point that when they are working hard they can shovel more together than I can by myself. This is very good. It’s like working with another full grown adult, who can shovel snow better than me. 

         It’s hard work pulling a kid around in a sled. 

         You can say all you want “This year I’m going to shovel the driveway before I drive on it, so we don’t have the tire-track packed down snow for two months,” – it’s not going to happen. 

         If watching the yard go from bare dark green grass and bare tree branches to covered with white doesn’t excite you, you have become an adult beyond all repair. My condolences.

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