Did you hear about the two New Jersey prison inmates who broke out and escaped through an 18 inch hole they had carved out. Notable is the ending of the note they left:

At a news conference Monday, Romankow read the note found in Espinosa’s cell, saying it represented the “arrogance of these two men.”

“Thank you officer ——– for the tools needed, you’re a real pal, Happy Holidays,” the note read, with a smiley face drawn next to it.

Did you catch that? Happy Holidays!

So, I say, go ahead, wimp out and avoid the word ‘Christmas’ when you greet people this month . . . if you want to be like a MURDERER!

Okay now, really – what could have been the inmates rationale in using this closing to their taunt, I wonder?

I have a few suggestions:

* A Fellow inmate – and of course this message is going to get around the prison – is Jewish and they didn’t want to offend him.

* . . . Or Buddhist.

* They knew this would be big news and wanted to fosters the opinion that they were rogues and rebels. They knew that “Happy Holidays” offends good and decent people around the nation, so they went with it. The heinous smiley face included in the note lends credence to this theory.

* In prison lingo, “Happy Holidays” means something unspeakably offensive.

* Officer ——, on his uniform lapel, continually wears a pin in the shape of a Christmas tree or a Santa, so they knew he is partial to Christmas.

* They were sincerely grateful to officer ——- and knew he was a kwanza celebrator.

* “Happy Holidays” was simply the first greeting that came to their mind. . . . Yeah, right!