25 things about Jamsco’s Christmas

1. Our family drove to beautiful Arkansas for Christmas

2. To get there we drove through a Wind/Snow Storm in Iowa.

3. We counted 81 cars in the ditch.

4. Two of them were upside down.

5. My wife saw a car out of control going down the highway sideways – it managed to stop while still on the road and kept going.

6. Arkansas is the “Natural State”.

7. We climbed around the woods of the Ozark mountains, jumped over creeks, and climbed rocky paths.

8. Our kids had fun with their cousins.

9. Twelve kids from two families (ours and theirs) age 2 to 11.

10 They slept in two bedrooms. Boys in one room, girls in the other.

11. We sang lots of Christmas carols not just because the adults wanted to, but because the kids kept asking

12. I turned 40 on Christmas day.

13. I received a Birthday card handmade by my 5 year old niece.

14. We ate tomales cooked in corn husks – and I, a big baby from the Midwest who eschews foreign food, liked them.

15. This is a traditional meal for Christmas eve for my brother in law.

16. He’s an MK from Honduras.

17. We drank fresh cow’s milk.

18. . . . and ate homemade ice cream

19 . . .  and homemade Caramel popcorn sweetened with real maple syrup

20 . . .  and homemade cranberry rolls.

21. We had our 78th picnic of the year (breaking last year’s record by 1!) on an island in the creek.

22. On the way home God protected our family on the way home by alerting us to a very bad tire – with a three inch in diameter gash of open tread – before it went flat.

23. We also drove through fog so thick that to find an exit (when I wanted to get off the highway to clean off the windows) I had to find a spot where the white line on the side of the road bent off to the right.

24. Throughout the week we thanked God for His incarnation and explained it more fully to our kids.

25. I love Christmas.