. . . for those of you have difficulty with the sin of judging with the selfish motivation of making yourself feel better.

The next time you see someone doing something you can only assume is a result of sin, create a back story for them which makes what they are doing at worst unsinful, but at best magnanimous.

So for example:

Hey, that guy just ran a red light. Does he think that he’s more important than the . . . I mean . . . Hmmm . . . it looked like there was someone in the backseat. Maybe it’s his pregnant wife and she’s in the middle of labor . . . . or maybe she’s a complete stranger who went into labor and he saw her and offered her a ride to the hospital, despite that he might lose his job because he’ll be late for work.

See? It’s a plausible scenario and you don’t know the details or the man’s motivations so it might be true.

Let’s try again:

Boy, that couple’s house is huge – it’s like a mansion! – that is a horrible usage of their resources – they could be using to help the . . . wait a moment – maybe they often . . . continually let missionaries stay with them when they are back to the states, or let families stay there who have kids being treated for cancer for weeks at the nearby hospital. . .

Now certainly this won’t work when one is witnessing actions that are plainly sinful – but this is not as common as the less-certain.

So, lastly . . . how about:

Boy, that guy sure likes to hang out with the losers and burn-outs. He must be like them, . . . . or maybe he is trying to build friendships with them so he can tell them about the Gospel and maybe his relationship with them will encourage them to pursue a relationship with God. . . . . Okay, why does that seem familiar?