. . . I’m saying something nice about Nate, who I have taken multiple jabs at before.

He wrote last week in his blog:

So an otherwise quiet morning was interupted by my wife’s report the Eli had discovered a monster under the bed in the guest bedroom.

Now I don’t know how y’all deal with your pest issues but we take our monster problems very seriously. Drwho took the boys off to seclusion while I suited up… boots… sword… firearms… black cowboy hat. (please… everyone knows you need a black cowboy hat to fight monsters)

So… I head up stairs… slam the door… and being shoutin and hollering nonsense… it was a great battle indeed. Once the beast was slain…. I devoured it… then came downstairs, grabbed the spotbot, and proclaimed that no one was allowed to go back up until I gave the word. . . 

Say what you want about Nate (“He’s crazy”, “His blog is really offensive”, “this event might goof up his kids belief system” or even “But, Jamsco, you strongly disagree with 90 of what Nate has ever written!” . . . All true). But I have to endorse the spirit of this post (which I couldn’t find a link for and I’m not going to send you to his blog and tell you to search for it – other posts that you might find there are mind-scaringly* warped – I even had to edit this one).

This post shows that Nate and His wife:

– Are clever
– Are a team
– know how to make each other laugh
– Are raising their kids with the idea that Dads should be honored
– Are raising their kids with the idea that Dads should protect their family.

How can one not respect these traits?

* Just to clarify, this adverb is intended to suggest that it will scar your mind, not scare your mind