Ogden was taking his monthly fast walk around the building complex with his coworker, Phil.
“I walked in from the parking lot with the Vice President of Demand Chain Operations this morning” stated Ogden, with a little pride in his voice.

“Oh, yeah? What did he have to say?” asked Phil.
“He said that he liked my tie,” Ogden replied, proudly again. As usual (since it was the third Wednesday of the month,) Ogden was wearing his favorite tie, which had the repeated phrase, in many sizes and colors:
“Bloggers can’t be choosers”

“Your tie, huh? He didn’t mention your green shirt?” asked Phil.
“Uh, no, I guess not. Just my tie.”
“Huh, that’s odd. That’s a pretty nice shirt.”
Ogden wondered what the big deal was, but just replied, “Yeah, well, maybe green isn’t his favorite color.”

Later that day, Phil was eating lunch in the cafeteria with some people from his department
“Hey, I heard something weird about our VP today. A friend of mine saw him in the hallway and he got the distinct impression that the VP didn’t approve of the shirt that he was wearing.”
“Really?” asked Fatima “That is odd.”
“Evidently, he thinks that green shirts are unprofessional, or something.”

The next day, Fatima and some people were waiting for a few late people to join them in a meeting room. The topic of company administration came up and Fatima said, “Say, a friend of mine knows somebody who got in trouble with the VP for wearing a green shirt.”
“Really? What wrong with a green shirt?”
“I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what I heard.”

On Monday the next week, Ogden received an email which was sent to his whole department. It said:

******** Important Memo *******
As many of you have already heard . . .
It has come to our attention that company employees have been reprimanded by our Vice President of Demand Chain Operations and threatened with demotion for not wearing clothes that follow standard dress code. We are not entirely sure what this dress code is (details to follow as soon as we have them) but it has been determined that he definitely does not like green apparel of any kind.
We recommend that you dress accordingly.

Again, as soon as we have more detailed guidelines regarding appropriate business wear, we will pass them along to you.

Ogden saved the email and thought to himself, “Whew, I guess I was lucky. . . and he seemed so pleasant.”