On January 28th, 2007, I posted my first post.

A few comments about this year:

* As I started out, I wrote with the hope that I wouldn’t be embarrassed in later months by the first few weeks of posts. I am glad to report that I am not.

* Astute readers will note the leaving off of one repeating category and the addition of another. I pretty much have stop posting my Saturday Poems for the single reason that I don’t have that many previously written poems and I am currently not writing very many new poems. At least not one a week. I still have a few that I want to put up, eventually. And I’ll give an explanation of the Third Thursday Ogden stories fairly soon.

* I have wondered if I would been able to keep up the one-a-day pace, but this hasn’t really been a problem. A few times I have wondered what I am going to put up the next day, but something always comes to mind.

* I regret that I haven’t done as much with the Free Will/ God Sovereignty Compatibleism (Both Ways) discussion as I should. A goal for this blog has always been to glorify God and talking theology does this better than Calvin&Hobbes Friday Everythings, for example.

* I always appreciate commenter input, positive and negative.

* I have been thankful every time that people have linked to me, as has happened today by the Evangelical Outpost and a week ago by Vox. I wouldn’t really have a blog except for these referrals.

* If you want to describe the many ways that your life has been changed for the positive as a result of reading this blog, the comment section here is the place to do it.