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To Commemorate A Year of Friday Everythings . . .

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Jamsco’s Friday Everythings That Have Only 3, 4 or 5 Words

Keep your eyes open. *** You can’t talk to creatures! *** Don’t suck your baby! *** Just follow the force. *** No jumping on my head.  *** Love one another earnestly *** We must honour the Code. *** Waste not. *** You know nothing of hell. *** Dead men tell no tales. ***  Awake. Love. Think. Speak. ***Smile and laugh a lot. ***Cry when you need to. ***Eat breakfast every day. ***Eat lots of vegetables. ***Try new things. *** Keep going. *** Guard yourself in your spirit  ***  Confusion works both ways. *** Blood is thicker than words. ***  Grace be with you all. *** In your teaching show integrity ***  Gold and silver don’t implode. *** Anticipation never killed anyone. *** Nobody likes a whiner. ***    I was a yo-yo! ···  Stupid is as stupid does. ··· Wind the frog! ··· Mr. Mango on my shoulder ··· There’s no crying in baseball. ···  . . . These go to eleven. *** Peace to you. ***  Homely truth is unpalatable. *** All trials bring their compensations. ***  Be the tree. ··· Brains are better than Brawn.  ···   The Beast is always hungry. ··· Death cannot stop true love. ··· Have fun storming the castle. ···  Talking won’t mend nothing. ···  There is no real going back. ··· There’s safety in sandwiches ···  Where there’s life, there’s hope ··· Do not be hasty ··· The treacherous are ever distrustful. ··· The burned hand teaches best. ··· Handsome is as handsome does. ··· Be angry and do not sin ··· Walk as children of light ··· Children, obey your parents ··· In him we have redemption ··· We are his workmanship ··· Baby step to four o’clock. ···  No fee is too big. ··· Big hitter, the Lama ··· Help. ···  I believe in yesterday ··· There will be an answer 

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