Jamscos1 2 doing3 an experiment4 here5.6

1 If blogging in third person bothers you, please feel free to replace this word with ‘I’m’ in your mind as you read it.

2 I know that the word “Jamscos” doesn’t look right, but I know enough of punctuation to know that Jamsco’s would be wronger7.

3 Yes, I know. I’ve already done the experiment by the time you’ve read this. But I like the sound of present tense in this case.

4 The Experiment: Attempting to answer the question – How many footnotes can a person reasonably derive8 from a five word sentence? 9

5 By ‘here’, of course I mean ‘in this sentence’.

6 Yes, the footnote should probably be after the period. I know. I choose to break the rule.

7 I once had a high school English teacher tell us that if the word is one syllable you should put an ‘er’ after it, not a ‘more’ before it.

8 This would depend on how loosely you define the word ‘reasonably’, obviously.

9 The Answer To The Experiment: Nine10.

10 Another Highschool English teacher taught me the rule about when to type out a number (fifty-three), and when to just type the numerals (53), but I can’t remember this rule, so I’m going with the one that looks correct to me.

11Okay, after getting all of this typed up and formatted, I realized that Jamscos is not a pluralization but a contraction (for ‘Jamsco is’) so I should have had an apostrophe there the whole time. But I didn’t feel like going back and changing things, so I am just noting here. My apologies 12

12 So I guess the correct answer to the experiment is twelve, actually.